Just tossing this idea out here.
I'm southeast of Jackson MS about an hour. The main sewing person in the family (my Mom) passed away before I could learn much more from her. See my intro thread here

Scroll down to nearly the bottom of that page for the recent update.

What I'm looking for is a sewing/quilting pal nearby that might be willing to teach me some basics in exchange for some long arm quilting on their quilts. (This is more of a trade or barter than outright advertising.) Besides, I'm not up to shipping and receiving anyway!

There is loads of material here, plus 2 sewing machines on nice tables set up, plus the long arm. (and loads of accuquilt dies).
Message me here or in pm. Would take a bit of talking back and forth anyway to build some trust. This might be a bad idea, but don't know unless I try something.
Heck, still paying on the long arm, might as well use it. Or sell the whole shebang.