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Thread: Saturday hellos

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    Default Saturday hellos

    Good morning,

    Another sunny start to the day, but we are expecting rain this aft. Yesterday was a gorgeous day. I went to the Glengarry Highland Games. It was an inspiring day. Weather was sunny and when we got too warm, we headed indoors for the Scottish harp workshop, the youth fiddling and Scottish dancing, also watchedthe heavyweights, musket firings and stick martial arts. There was a good selection of food vendors and craft vendors. I bought some lemon parsley & original shortbread. My GF really enjoyed it as she grew up with her brothers playing bagpipes and in marching bands. Unfortunately we couldn't stay for the event of the day - the tatoo. I think DH would have enjoyed it. We will go next year and bring chairs.

    This morning I am picking up a bushel of cukes to make dill pickles with my GF on Monday. I Haven't any more definite plans.

    Enjoy your day and weekend.

    Enjoy life and do what makes you happy. Everything else will follow.

    Every day I try to do one thing that challenges my comfort zone.

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    Default Re: Saturday hellos

    Good morn. Warm and humid here today. I have started to receive the Safari fabric I ordered for another baby quilt. Now to getting my wedges cut out. I am going for a manicure and stopping at UPS to send 2 boxes back to Amazon. I ordered sauce pans and I kept getting sent frying pans. I decided that I will try to order them from another company.

    Have a good . Stay cool.

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    Default Re: Saturday hellos

    Good Morning, Everyone ~ We're having another air quality ozone alert along the Front Range. It makes the skies sort of hazy, not bright sunlight. It's supposed to be 90 deg. again. We had 96 yest.

    Yest. p.m. I went to computer lab, which I shared in another thread. Got my laptop switched over Firefox as the browser. We also installed duckduckgo which doesn't track all your browsing activity like Google does. We added on an ad blocker, so now I'm not distracted by all those obnoxious, flashing ads in my peripheral vision while I'm doing e-mail. It was recommended to quit using Internet Explorer altogether; it's what I've used all these years since I got my laptop 9 yrs. ago.

    DS#2 is moving from where he lives now (an hour away) to my city, so he'll be only 10 min. across town. He's not looking forward to the process of moving, but he's really looking forward to being in a different living situation from where he is now. He'll have his own space in a 2 BR furnished bsmt. apt. The very reasonable rent includes all utilities. He's known the homeowner for >30 yrs. Only down side is no private entrance, but he can live with that. It will be a bit further drive to work. He's still looking for a better job than the Walmart one.

    I don't have any plans for the day. Might cook up some apples for sauce. I definitely want to do some sewing.

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    Default Re: Saturday hellos

    Good Morning All,

    Yesterday, the front continued to move through. Rain, sometimes very heavy, others just a nice slow rain. One car spun out on the ramp behind the house. They didn't hit anything. Once they gathered their wits, they backed out and went on their way. It least they were on the other side of the roadway, not our side.

    The grass, aka weeds, look like they've grown a foot over night. Good thing it's mowing week.

    Mike seems to like his work. His manager has specific ways to do things and is very hands on. Mike said he appreciated that. I told him he wants you to do it right and that's the only way. Best to learn it right than try to figure it out and learn the wrong way. I appreciate that.

    I'll have to call the fencing company Monday. The neighbor's fence is coming down. Pepper (son's dog) will be visiting while they're in Nashville. I always put her on a chain when she goes out in the back yard, but she'd still be able to get into their yard, not by much, but still that fence needs fixing and they can't afford to do it. So, I will.

    There's going to be another baby in the church. Since my sewing room is clean, can I say, I don't want to mess it up!. I have a rainbow batik layer cake. I'll probably use that, or I have a fat quarter set with a panel that I could use. Since mom is still in her first trimester, I have some time before I have to get it done!

    Take care over the weekend!

    “Nothing can dim the light which shines from within.”
    ― Maya Angelou

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    Default Re: Saturday hellos

    Good morning!

    Today will be a beautiful day -- low 80's and sunny. I have the windows open and am enjoying the breeze.

    I was in a meeting at work on Wednesday and found out that 50% of my job is going to be redistributed to other people. My employer purchased a new software and decided to de-centralize certain tasks. I am not happy about this, I have three years and four months to go until I am eligible to retire with full benefits from our retirement system. I discussed the situation with my boss; she seems to think I *should* be ok because our other locations have two people each in my department and I work alone. I'm not sure I'm willing to take that risk. There will be a job opening at our location soon, it is similar to the job I left five years ago. I may put in for a transfer.

    I have a pattern for a 20 minute checkbook -- time includes cutting the fabric! I want to make one today for my set of Mom's checks. I am going to pick a bright print so it is easy to find.

    Have a great day!

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