Hi everyone!

Back in Nov. I got a longarm. Before the buying phase, I sent a postage stamp quilt to be quilted by M*. They went above and beyond. At the point of purchase to delivery and set up was about 2 1/2 months. In that time I started preparing for lots of practice as I had several heavily pieced tops ready for quilting and did not want to mess them up during my learning curve. Lots of jelly roll race quilts happened, and I honed my skills.

Every year my community has a quilt hop. Makers from the area drop off their quilts at the visitors center and they get hung all over town. Last year I talked with the director, and she really liked my quilts and hung them front and center at the armory. I was flattered.

This year I handed over 12 quilts, one was doll size, one was wall hanging size, the rest were either twin or larger.

When I started to hop and view the quilts, to my surprise, Two of my masterpieces were put in the farthest corner from the door (these were quilted by me), one was hung askew to make it look like it was wonky and crooked (quilted by me) My two smalls were hung over vendors booths and looked so small on the large wall that you could not see any details (quilted by me). The remaining quilts were at the visitors center. Only one of those was hung up, that one was the one quilted by M*. My on ringo lake, my spools quilt, my tumbler quilt, my disappering 9 patch quilt were all left folded and placed on quilt racks. These were all quilted by me. The quilts full beauty was not on display.

I know I had alot, it has been a bumper crop of cotton this year. I am also volunteering at the event giving a free motion quilting demo, and doing a tatting workshop. The director of this does not get along with my father and perhaps she figured out who I was and retaliated against me? But because my quilts last year(I think I had three) were hung front and center, I just dont think that is it.

Do you think it is possible that someone was retaliating against me thinking I would take customers away from their quilting business? I have only quilted two quilts for others and got paid for it. I thought the director was responsible for the hanging of the quilts, but because so many of them were folded, do you think it is possible mine were not being showcased because they thought I was doing free advertising by having so many quilts? If you look through my 2019 album you will see the quilts, and those remained folded.

I do know that the director attends the Plano Quilt Show. I also know to enter a quilt there, it costs $50 each. I sure would like to enter them so they get appreciated, and get the recognition they deserve. But Spending that kind of money to display is ridiculous.

Today I will put my big girl pants on and do my stuff, but this has kind of taken the wind out of my sails.

Today I am also going to have my ears open and may phish around and find out who exactly hung the quilts. What you put out there is what you get back, have mercy on their souls. Maybe I am reading into this for naught. Is it me? Quilts of the past hops have all been hung up unless it was an antique.

I think I am trusting my gut and I am right. Perhaps there is a click that I am not a part of, but it is somehow political I do believe.