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I cannot believe you people are STILL gripping over shipping. I did a sample of other companies. I would think after comparing the others to MSQ you'd stop complaining.
Fab.com $5.00 8-10 days
Equilter 6.99 2 day ship
Paducah $7.99 5-7 days
Joann $7.99 up to 10 days
Fat Qtr. 7.99 up to 7 days / 2-day $20.00 seriously!
Conn. Threads $4.99 5-14 days
Nancy's $6.99 5-9 days.
MSQ $7.00 2 day ship!!
KTdid- Just wondering why you omitted the 2-3 Day USPS priority mail option for $4.95? I didn't check the other prices, but this is one I know and use.

Al - I agree with those who say that we just need a good ole USPS solution - like when you first went into business. I've been around here long enough to remember $5 Flat rate shipping by first class/priority mail. I wouldn't mind paying $7 for that, but these other services just aren't worth it.

All in all, I am glad that you are listening and trying to work out a solution, but, I am getting ready to retire and my stashing days are going to be behind me soon. At least I may have time now to finish those partially done projects I couldn't get what I needed in time to finish for gifting.