Earlier today, I had to apologize to Nwmnteacher because I'd given incorrect measurements on fabric. And now I'm going to own up to the binding tool mistake I made a while back.

I had a deadline for a quilt auction, and it looked like I wasn't going to make finish in time. I stayed up until 1am trying to finish, then got up again at 5am to actually finish. I arrived at the quilt auction with minutes to spare.

Of course, the last step in any quilt is the binding. I really love the TQM Binding Tool, but I was running on very little sleep. So instead of turning the Binding Tool to cut the second side, I flipped it over. Of course, the two tails sewed together perpendicular to each other, and the binding wouldn't sew onto the quilt. Scissors, left over fabric, new seam, more care, and I'm back in business.

Here's how I modified my TQM Binding Tool so that I never again make this mistake. On the top, I taped a little sign that says "YES." You can see the little yellow "YES" on the left.
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On the wrong side of the tool, I taped a little sign that says "NO."
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It's so jarring to see those little taped on notes, that I've never made this mistake again.

Sometimes I need to get thumped on the head to get things right!