Binding is my gremlin
want to improve

thankfully watched a video of Jenny attaching binding a quilt and have used that method (all quilting life) for joining the ends,
even the corners on first part of attaching binding, manage to fold a nice 45 degree as per Jenny's you tube its the one with the green border on quilt. thanks Jenny.

The gremlin for me is the fold over to other side where things can go wrong, and often do, requiring some un sewing.

using wonderful quilt pegs, get everything folded over straight
set to go, to machine sew
( hand sewing no longer an option)
sew away at a constant slow pace
right round quilt removing the pegs
the quilt cut straight edge running next to the securely attached seam guide

turn the quilt over and find the binding has either not caught, ruffled, or managed to go wonky at corners
having tried to find the answer, have looked at many videos and blogs,
just found one that shows an iron at a certain moment

are we supposed to iron the binding over to other side? is this the step, that would keep the binding in place.

any one able to confirm if am missing this moment of ironing bliss?
suggest a way of keeping the binding in place for the second sew,
(1st sew attaching binding.)

many thanks