Hot here, too! A while ago it was 102! That's the highest reading so far this summer. Last mo. we had a couple 100* days & one of 102*. We've had many days in the 90's. We turned the swamp cooler on sooner than usual today.

Today I've been working on supplies for those hygiene kits for Africa. I removed fabric from 3 long lengths of batting trimmings & cut several strips. I had some fleece which I had decided I would not use for baby quilt backings. I washed that up earlier this week. I'm still sorting through my stash for usable fabric that might work. I have some that's too old that I probably should discard. I know some of it is >30 y.o. b/c my son used it to make a quilt when he was in Home Ec.! (He grad. in 1985.) I think I saved it just to use for practice blocks.

The baby rabbit has been out & about much of the day in the back yard. When the adult rabbits "bathe" themselves (a spit bath, for sure!), they remind me of when cats clean themselves. Spitting on their paws, wiping over their face & ears.

Well, it's time for my daily e-m to the family.