Last night I got a call from a theatre friend asking for my help as a seamstress. She is managing the production crew in a large outdoor concert venue in STL that hosts mostly rock concerts during the summer months. The rock band Heart was in town, starting their tour here and needed some costume alterations for their lead singer. Time was of the essence, she asked if I could come out right away for fittings. Sure, what else could I be doing on Sunday night!

So I went out, listened to about 15 minutes of their rehearsal. They sound great, but very LOUD! The wardrobe mistress ( who does not sew!) was a lovely woman. We fitted the lead singer, then the drummer for some pairs of pants, took them home and will begin working on the alterations as soon as I stop typing!

Never know what sewing skills will lead to, earlier this year, a neighbor asked me to sew fabric fan blades!

Best deal of them all, pays a very good union wage! Hooray!