Hello Everyone,

I've posted many questions here on the forum about the charity quilt a group of us are making. The top is done and back from the Long Armer.

Unfortunately, the LA ruined the two bottom corners of the quilt. We sent a perfectly square quilt, but the bottom two corners are now skewed to the right. There's no way to undo the quilting to fix this.

The quilt uses Jinny Beyer border fabrics which are quite unforgiving. The border pattern has a green and a blue quarter-inch line. The green line basically disappears under the binding, and the binding is supposed to wrap around and be hand sewn to the blue line.

But now the blue line's not straight. I can see two ways of fixing this:
1. Trim the quilt 1/4" away from the blue line, then hand sew the binding. In the end, the edge of the quilt will not be perfectly square, but the pattern will stay true: binding touches the blue line at all times.
2. Trim the quilt 1/2" from the blue line, letting the blue line meander to the right. Then, hand sew the binding so that it still touches the blue line. Now the outside of the quilt will be straight and square, but the width of the binding on the front of the quilt will vary by about 1/4" depending on how skewed the quilt top is.

What do you think would look best?