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    Default Re: Need a bit of inspiration.

    My earlier quilts had a person in mind, such as GKS, family & friends. Most of the time. I usually make my quilts with no one in mind. My fabric, patterns or tutorials inspire me, and perhaps the person and quilt are a match up perfectly. I am reluctant to sell them, but I do plan on giving them when the right moment arises.

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    Default Re: Need a bit of inspiration.

    My first inspiration is usually fabric; i buy something that i really like. For example, i bought a Winnie the Pooh layer cake at least a couple of years ago because I love Winnie the Pooh. It sat until a couple of months ago when my cousin's daughter announced on Facebook she was expecting and her announcement had Winnie the Pooh on it. Then her aunt posted a picture frame for her first sonogram with Winnie on it. Of course the layer cake came out and now all i have to do is quilt her Winnie the Pooh baby quilt. I also had a jelly roll from a couple of years ago i bought because i really liked the colors. As soon as i saw Jenny's Granny Square quilt i knew i had the perfect fabric for that quilt and started sewing strips together. Now i am sewing the blocks together and i can't wait to see how it is going look once it is finished. My inspiration is definitely fabric and Jenny's tutorials

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    Default Re: Need a bit of inspiration.

    When making new quilted items, especially for new members of the family, I tend to watch and see what they like, and what their favorite colors might be. With my sons wives, I came right out and asked. I have a DIL that doesn't like quilts at all.....and I wasn't offended by it, it was actually a good thing that I asked and she was honest with me!
    If I were you, I would start out with a table runner or place mats for gifts. That way if you know that the person didn't care for quilted items, you aren't wasting your time to make a quilt for someone that won't appreciate it. I had the misfortune of making a quilt for a friend who always complimented the quilts I've made and one day, I dropped over to her home for a visit and found the quilt I'd made for her wadded up in the corner of the garage with the motorcycle PARKED on top of the quilt!!! I was just heartsick when I saw that.
    Several months later after seeing that quilt wadded up like that under a motorcycle (of all things!) my cousin Cheryl called and said she was going to area garage sales and asked if I wanted to go with her. Of course, I never want to miss a good garage sale, so I told her to come and pick me up.
    When she drove in the driveway, she got out of the car and in her arms was the quilt that I had made for that friend!!!! She purchased it a few days prior, took it home and washed it, and brought it to me. She told me that she liked it and didn't have to even turn it over to see that it was made by me,she remembered my making it.(I had put a tag on it for the person I made it for) She was shocked that she only paid $3 dollars for it!!! Because she "rescued " the quilt, I told her that if she wanted it, I knew it would go to a good home. She acted as though I had given her the world!!!!(and I had made a quilt for her 2-3 yrs prior to this) My cousin said that because she couldn't get all of the stains out, if I didn't mind she would put it in her car for when her family went to the beach, to the fireworks displays in town and of course all the sports games her kids/grandkids played......I was so happy that the quilt finally had home where I knew it was loved and cared for!!!

    So, that kind of stopped me for giving quilts to people right away. I do ask questions (if they like quilts, etc.) and if I'm told they aren't into "handmade" items or quilts....well, that's all I need to hear. I have a couple of people that I have sewn things for them but they don't like quilts. They like the table runners/ tree skirts, pillowcases, etc. I have made...and that's great, I appreciate the honesty!!!

    Giving some tote bags or table runners as a first gift might give you the feel for what the person likes that you are considering making something with your special talents!! Just remember that not everyone likes quilts or homemade items and you'll do just fine!
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