Ok, long story short, I tried EPP several years ago, hated it!

Watched a bunch more videos and read various posts here and decided this year to try again.

Now I'm obsessed with it. Working on a Grandma's Flower quilt with 1.5 inch hexis. Finished size will be about 75x100, and I'm about 1/3 finished already.

Here's where I get ahead of myself.....As I work on it, I keep thinking about the actual quilting of the quilt. It seems to be that after putting in all this work hand stitching the hexi's, it feels like I would be cheating if I machine quilt it. I've only hand quilted one quilt (lap size) and hated that process. But I keep reminding myself I hated my first attempt at EPP too, so maybe this time around with hand quilting would be different (still doubting that though).

So my questions are:

1. Do you hand or machine quilt your EPP project?
2. If hand quilt, do you do the little stitches or big stitches?
3. If you hand quilt, do you hire your services out (and if so, what do you charge)?