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    Default Re: this keeps happening

    thanks Carlie learning all the time
    wow this is so much quicker to load on Brave felt like could make a cuppa while pages loaded with internet explorer,
    was easy to down load with the link to site
    the settings were tweaked to my preferences, including a spell checker,
    my favourites were imported, they load showing each time but i hide them to allow more screen viewing.
    all positives until
    Brave has a ! next to https://forum.missouriquiltco.com/sh...ad.php?t=81161 then it says your connection to this site is not fully secure
    it also has 11 next to the shield symbol clicking on that says 11 items blocked
    this is all above me
    thanks again

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    Default Re: this keeps happening

    Treadler it does that on mine too. I've just ignored it and it doesn't seem to effect anything. I just played with it a little more and if you click on that Shield icon a popup lists some things. I turned off third party trackers blocked and it went away. I'm not to savvy about this stuff either so I thought I'd wait and see what differences this makes.

    I did notice the last two nights that when I used my CCleaner before I shut down and went to bed that there was a huge difference there too. Normally by bed time I have close to 700 mgs or more that gets cleaned off my computer. Once that junk reaches about 350-400mgs I notice problems like freezing, slowness etc. The last two nights at bedtime there is only about 11mgs of junk, tracking etc to be cleaned off. That's a huge difference to what is normally being collected that is slowing things down.!

    I'm also still having good results with watching the Amazon Prime movies on it with no hitches.

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