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Thread: Happy Monday!

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    Good morning! The children had a great time at church camp last week. On the way home, I picked up three more gallons of farm fresh strawberries. These were just to eat on and a few to freeze. They and dh have already went through one of the pints of the strawberry freezer jam. (I only made 24 pints so I hope they slow down on eating it - although it is really good and also easy to make.)

    What started off as a great week last week became a hard week when we had to young people in the area die. One was a college student who had went home on summer break and the other was my friend's 16 year old daughter who drowned. We went to visitation last night for my friend's daughter and this afternoon is the funeral. She was a very wonderful young lady.

    This week is going to be as busy week as there is something scheduled on the calendar every day. One of those exciting things is tomorrow we get to have fiber optics installed - which means are internet will be 10 times faster than it currently is and more reliable. We also have 4-H projects to continue to work on. One of them has their mini quilt done while the other two have to put theirs together.

    Have a great Monday everyone!

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    Good afternoon all

    Monique it may be wise to get to a doctor for checks, some medication side effects can cause other issues, so its best you get peace of mind its nothing to worry about, as a matter of urgency.
    am pleased you had a great time at quilt show sounds like a dream job, despite the hard work x aching feet.

    sorry you both missed each other at the quilt show, its never to late to plant, we tend to soak the beans in water first, then plant it speeds up the germination, someone once said to plant in guttering, get going in green house then after regulating to outside, slide the contents in place want to grow.

    gosh you all been busy

    Anita so sorry to hear, will miss you while away. prayers your Dh finds his dream job.

    a warming machine sounds heavenly, just now, hope you do get to go in.

    fingers are crossed its stops raining soon, there has been a few lakes and upsettingly a lot of people displaced while homes were surrounded with water, hoping your basement doesn't flood.

    enjoy the garden centre

    am just laughing at the antics of the furs here, ones gone under bed for a quick snooze, snoring noises from under bed. t'other ones walked round bed twice, then stuck head under overhanging covers at side bed, screamed in full voice to wake other one up, before jumping on bed curling up, going promptly to sleep.
    so funny, hahaha

    my plans for the day are to try & eat something & drink through a straw, (mouth ulcer grumbles)
    have a great day, prayers for the day to be what you want it to be,
    sending healing hugs, virtual cookies.
    hugs & tissues to friends who miss their friendly furs,folk that are not longer in sight but much in mind.

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    Default Re: Happy Monday!

    Hello- we had a nice Fatherís Day and birthday celebration. The house is quiet once again. Everyone went back to work and school.i have been to the gym and did my errands. I have to take my DD to the airport later this afternoon. She has a direct flight back to Seattle. I have time now to cut some more strips and squares.

    Have a good day.

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