Good Morning All,

My brain hasn't cut off. I'd dose off for a little bit then startle myself awake. Or the ice maker decided to go on over drive, and it dumped ice just about every hour. Take your choice, I've had several naps and not a good sleep. Punch me if I doze off in church!

I finished up the baby quilt only to realize I'd sewn one block in backwards (and it's for a star!) for pity's sake! Mike couldn't find it, with it all being pastels. It's going in the gift bag as is.

Mike and I worked on filling in the holes dug by the rain. Now that the gutters are all in place, it shouldn't dig it out anymore. I'm going to get some more dirt to fill in and plant some perennials around in that little alcove. I stuck the aloe out there. It's looking kind of pitiful. We might have been a little too rough getting it out of the pot.

Time to sip some coffee before getting ready for church. Cross your fingers, I won't snore!