I've been making a herringbone quilt MSQC style, which means the blocks have bias edges all around. The HSTs I pressed to the dark side, but all the other seams (i.e. to join the blocks are top) are pressed open to reduce bulk. Maybe it's the nature of the bias beast, but those seams keep wanting to flop around and ruffle up as I join the major sections of the top together. In one of my most fussy quilting moments ever, I enacted a plan: use a fine-tipped bottle of elmer's glue and baste down all the vertical seams in the top. These are the longest and the most likely to misbehave. It works, but it takes a long, long time. But those seams are staying put until I baste the quilt sandwich together!

Sewing blocks together into a top is one of the most awkward parts of quilting for me next to basting, since you're handling so much bulk and you don't have the control you do with small pieces. This is where things start to go awry for me. How do you protect all the meticulous pressing that went into your blocks when you put together the top? Is it usually not worth the bother to fret over seams staying put/pressed?