Good morning friends. It is a wet wet morning here. Thankfully we didn't get the rain we were supposed to get yesterday and it turned into a very warm and beautiful day. I should have done laundry when the going was good to hang outside but rain had been predicted (which we never got) UGH!! Oh well I can do that today but use the dryer.

On Saturday we went to an auction sale. I didn't buy anything but hubby bought an old radio (don't know why, it is still in the van) and a barber's glass jar that you would disinfect your combs in. He spent under $20. Why he got the radio I don't know. We went out for lunch after that and then stopped at two more antique dealers. A small cabinet and big bullet was bought. The bullet is to hold canes and umbrellas at the front door. I bought a sieve to use when I make jelly, cost me $2.

I puttered around yesterday and was starting to get a little organized for retreat. I cut a whole bunch of 10" black and white squares and some 5" as well.

I had the most wonderful surprise yesterday. I had a Baltimore Oriole come to the feeder. I couldn't get a picture of him but hubby saw him too. First one EVER to be seen here. I put orange slices on the feeder but I haven't seen him again yet. I hope he comes back. I also had a wild turkey come visit as well. My friend Lynda is very jealous that I had an Oriole.

Hubby works today so I have the whole day to myself. I am going to clean up before I tackle anything in the sewing room. I work/quilt tomorrow and work on Wednesday and I also have the stress test on Wednesday. My Thursday got cancelled and I am not too disappointed about that.

So that is what my week is looking like at the moment. Have an awesome day friends.