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Oh and go on their website and build the car you want. Sometimes exterior color are not available with all interior colors.
That's true (about certain models not offering certain colors) about different models. The first model of the FUSION didn't offer the Copper color...but the other 3 models do. ALL of the models offer either BLACK or WHITE STONE (basically it's light tan) with this model of Fusions. The model above the one I lease is a SEL and it offers a bronze/black leather interior.
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I also told this guy that if he couldn't get me the Bronze color I wanted the Ford EcoSport came in a similar Bronze Exterior Color.
This Bronze Color is lighter (you can also get it on the new Ford Ranger Trucks as well) Its callled "Saber"

Again, thanks for all the comments/support.....those of you who have commented at least made me feel better!