Good morning!

I'm new to the board, but not new to quilting. However, I had put my sewing machine away and it's not been used for a long time. In fact, when I went to look for it, it's been so long since I've used it, I realized it's been stolen out of my garage by the contractors that were working on my house last year around this time. (LONG STORY that I'll share sometime.) So - my new Brother is sitting in the box waiting for my not-so-nimble fingers to set it up and hit the power button on it this weekend with my newly purchased MSQ supplies that will arrive in the mail tomorrow. I'll pair those with the other items I've purchased from my recent trips to the stores I've made in preparation for my newfound need for creativity in my life.

My grandmother taught me to quilt when I was young. I don't remember a time when she didn't have at least one quilt going - often she had 2-3 in the works. She even had two machines up and running, one with dark thread and one with light so she didn't have to change the thread on the machines. The last quilt she made before she passed was given to the first great-grandchild, my daughter. For us, it is a priceless item and a cherished memory. I guess that gift, recently given when Lauryn graduated on May 3rd, has spurred my desire to start sewing again. My grandmother's legacy of leaving these gifts behind for her loved ones has made me feel that I want to do something similar. I don't know that I'll ever be able to make a quilt for every member of my family, or if my projects will ever be as numerous, or as large as hers, or have the same impact, but I certainly feel the need to get behind the machine again so I will.

Oh, and by the way, MSQ stock just upticked a few points...

Living in Las Vegas, when most people are enjoying summer outside, we are locked inside in the A/C because it's 120 outside and it's just too ****ed hot to be outside. This is when I'll accomplish the most. It's kind of a bummer really as this is the time when my kids are off from school and we can spend the most time together - they are restricted to inside as playground equipment will burn you and the sun will scorch the skin. We are taking a nice long vacation home to Maine for a while so that will be great for the family to get out of the desert (sadly, someone will house-sit and care for our dog because he doesn't travel well - no summer vacay for him). Lush green grass, tall trees and lots of lobstah will be enjoyed next month! Maine is also well known for many cute, fun quilting shops and I will be visiting as many as possible.

Have a great day all...sorry if my intro was too long. I guess I'm chatty this morning!