Good morning all,

Yesterday was finally a beautiful the low 70's and sunny. Hubby took advantage of it, and after work he used the rider to pick up most of the mess in the yard. I went around and picked up the bigger sticks. We have a couple of trees that drop branches randomly, especially when it's windy. I cleaned out the garden, and added two wheel barrows full of compost. We have a compost bin that I throw grass, leaves, and vegetable/fruit scraps into all year long (except in the winter). Hubby thinks it's silly, but I really think it makes the garden soil better. Anyway, the garden is ready to till. We usually have to wait until late May or early June to plant.

I worked on some drawstring bags for the Days for Girls group. I need to get them mailed off on Thurs., so that will be my project for the next couple of days. I have 20 more to finish.

Wishing everyone a blessed day, and healing for those dealing with health issues.