Good morning everyone. I hope you all had a wonderful Mother's Day. I got a call from both boys. It was a very quiet day as my back was terribly sore. I did manage laundry, dishes and going to the dump. You know the usual chores, LOL!!

Saturday was different though. We attended an auction sale in Almonte. They had some really neat stuff. One item of interest to me was a quilting hoop. It is a Hinterberg Quilt Hoop Stand. They are worth many $$. Well I got it for $55. Deal of the day in my opinion. Hubby has his eye on a thing but what interested him was a little plate inscribed with Donated to the Winchester Regional Hospital by the Atkinson Foundation. Well he got that for $35 so he was a happy camper. From there Les thought he could go to the antique store so I stopped at the quilt store. Yes I bought a little fabric. They have the exact quilt frame for sale at $260. From there I stopped at Lee Valley and bought a few items. From there it was to the bird store but I didn't buy anything there. Met up with hubby who bought himself a few Moorcroft pieces. By then we were both hungry and headed up to Arnprior for excellent wings. Headed home because we were both tired. All in all it was a good day.

And so today I really need to finish my ugly fabric little quilt so I can hand it in tomorrow at Guild. I work Friday and Saturday Lynda and I are going to another auction sale and stop at a pop up market in town. Les is supposed to be headed up to the camp for the weekend but not sure what the roads are like yet. They have been working on them as some were washed out. We shall see what happens.

Have a wonderful day friends.