I am doing the above pattern and they encourage you to use the stripology ruler however they also suggest you can use 2 1/2 strips-which is what I chose to do. So you are suppose to sew 5 strips together lengthwise. These 5 strips are suppose to measure 10 1/2 wide- guess what-they don't. Then you are suppose to cut them in 10 1/2 length so you end up with a 10 1/2" square.
You then take 6 additional strips, sew them together and it is suppose to measure 12 1/2, cut them in 12 1/2 lenghts so you end up with 12 1/2 block-guess what they don't measure 12 1/2.
The 5 strips measure about 11 1/4-11 1/2 and the 12 1/2 measure 13 1/4 to 13 1/2-
So my question would be-do you think I should square these up so they measure 10 1/2 sq and 12 1/2 square or leave them since they both are about the same amount over the recommended size.

Thank you all so very much.