Looks like everyone is having a productive week. I need to do some trimming of edges in the back yard and rake out the street gutter at some point over the weekend, and I will be caught up on yard work! It's not easy to get that first bout of spring yard work done. Other than that, I badly need to do laundry this weekend.

I am still trying to figure out backing for the little wall quilt - Christmas Cabin Stars. I sort of want to do something Christmas themed, and there just isn't a lot in the stores for that at this time of year. I may be forced to shop online (not a hardship LOL).

And I stopped by JoAnns over my lunch hour and picked up template plastic. I thought I had some in the stash and there may very well be, but it's not coming to light, and it's not like it can go bad if I buy extra! I will make the templates and get started hand piecing the last block for "It was the 80s" this week. I'm going to be so glad to get started putting this top together - my first asymmetrical quilt!

How are things in your world?