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    Default Re: I took a chance and ordered today

    Quote Originally Posted by oldmanquilts View Post
    The problem with all this for me is the terminology used for order status. When it says "your order has been shipped," it doesn't mean your order has been shipped. "Shipped" (to me) means the order has been filled and picked up by the carrier for delivery. In the case of M* and other suppliers, "shipped" doesn't necessarily mean that the order has been even filled and sitting on the dock awaiting pickup.

    I suspect this is a dysfunction of the expediting software being used. What I want to see is the status of the order in-house so I know how long it takes to fill and ship. Then I can get an accurate picture of how long shipping actually takes. I quit doing business with companies who tell me "my order has been shipped," when in actuality it most likely hasn't even been pulled.
    So that's not exactly accurate to how we do things. When we generate a shipping label is when you get a notification that your order has shipped. To generate a shipping label means all of your order has been picked, put in a box, checked, sealed, and processed. The label, upon generation, is stamped on the package and the package goes into a waiting trailer that goes to a fedex sorting facility each night.

    So when you see your order has shipped, your right in that it may still be at our facility, but it does in fact mean that it's been processed through and is in a trailer waiting for pickup at the very least.

    Now in the event that you can't track it, sometimes fedex will miss a scan in the sorting facility and if it misses a single scan on the initiation of the package, no future scans will register so the package is flying blind until it arrives. When you get a notification that a package ships but can't track it, that's what typically is happening is a robot was bad at scanning.

    Hope that helps?

    @auntstuff I think you just hate shipping logistics in general. It's actually pretty cool stuff when you get into it.

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    Default Re: I took a chance and ordered today

    Yes, Al, when they are as screwed up as they often seem to be, I really don't like it. Like when it goes 500 miles south and back again to get to the Mo/Ar border. Can't help being a straightforward and literal person.
    TRUTH is seldom appreciated, unless you happen to agree with it. When you don't agree, you just call it rude.

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    Default Re: I took a chance and ordered today

    A small suggestion for "Your Order Has Been Shipped" emails: move the tracking number link to the beginning of the message instead of at the bottom. Saves some scrolling, especially for those of us who order frequently!

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