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    Default Re: Hello from Germany

    Welcome to the Missouri Star Quilting Forum. I'm in California, on the west coast of USA. I hope you post lots of photos of your quilting work!
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    Default Re: Hello from Germany

    Quote Originally Posted by Fran & Kisses View Post
    Guten Tag und herzlich willkommen aus Florida. Dein Englisch ist wunderbar. Ich betrüge mein Deutsch mit einem Übersetzungsprogramm. Ich habe angefangen, Deutsch mit einem Programm namens duolingo zu lernen, aber ich habe Probleme mit der Verwendung verschiedener Zeitformen. Ich glaube, ich muss in die Bibliothek gehen, um ein Buch über deutsche Grammatik zu erhalten. Ich habe erst seit ungefähr 3 Jahren ernsthaft quilten und mit jedem Quilt, den ich mache, etwas Neues gelernt. Ich hoffe, dass Sie dieses Forum genauso genießen wie ich.
    Alle meine besten Wünsche, Fran
    Good day, and welcome from Florida. Your English is wonderful. I'm cheating on my German, using a translation program. I've started trying to learn German with a program called Duolingo, but I'm having problems with the use of different tenses. I think I'll have to go to the library for a book on German grammar. I've only been seriously quilting for about 3 years, and learn something new with every quilt I make. I hope you enjoy this forum as much as I do.
    All my best wishes, Fran
    Fran & Kisses
    Have you thought of trying "Babble"?? It's a language program and I have heard it is really a great way to learn languages. I am going to check it out myself. I learned German while we lived near Frankfurt when my DH Terry was stationed there in 1972-1975. We married in 1974 and I spent 18 months over there. I learned the language easilty and because I was more fluent that a lot of the GI's and/or their wives, my DH Terry & I were often asked to go with couples we knew when they wanted to travel around Germany. I have lost a lot of what I learned, but would love to re-visit the area,and hopefully if my health continues to improve I will be able to fullfill my dream of returning to Germany to see the city we once lived in where my DH Terry was stationed Munster b Dieburg.(Munster by Dieburg). IT was a very small town, but very lovely. We lived in a high-rise apartment building.(we had a one bedroom apartment on the 8th floor which was the highest floor. Right across the street was a soccer field and we could watch the soccer players from our kitchen window.

    A few blocks down the street was a lovely old church and on the roof was this HUGE STORK's NEST......I had never seen anything like that before, it was a HUGE,HUGE nest!

    Here's a link about Babbel's Language Program.

    Jacqueline ( Sugar ) Dorer-Russell

    "I miss the me I was when you were here"

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