I quite like today's daily deal, the all-blue Tesselations layer cake. I thought it would look so cute as a Pineapple quilt with white between the blues. It turns out that I mistakenly bought the MINI Creative Grids Pineapple Quilt tool, so I'm already working with 6" finished blocks, not the 10" blocks in Jenny's tutorial.

I spent two hours figuring out how to cut 1-1/4" strips from those layer cake 10" squares. First, I realized that I hadn't figured in the white strips ... started over. Then, when I was all done maximizing the number of 1-1/4" strips I could get, using some of the squares for the corners and the center squares, I realize that I could only make 30 6" finished blocks. That's basically a 30"x36" quilt top before borders.

This does not feel right. How can I go from a layer cake (that would give me a 60"x70" quilt top), add in the same amount of white strips, and end up with a 30"x36" quilt top?

I'd love to hear any insights you have.