Rain rain go away, come again another day.

Well we are expecting rain rain rain for the next couple of days. I won't complain, it is NOT snow after all. This will melt away more snow. Thankfully I don't have a basement that could possibly flood with all this rain.

I am expecting Phil and Maizyn sometime tonight. My boy (well man really) has a cold and I guess he needs his momma, haha. It will be nice to have them for a few days.

I didn't get into the sewing room yesterday. I did laundry and then headed out to town to get some supplies. I bought more foam boards as well. I napped in the afternoon and then it was put away the three baskets of laundry.

So today I will pick up a little and make the bedroom is inhabitable, LOL!! Maizyn will sleep in our room on a mattress.

Have a great day everyone.