I have only ordered fabric a couple times but know of people who do it quite often. My concern is about matching colors when you can't see them in person. How do you do it? How do you make sure all the colors work together and are exactly the right shade? I can pick up 2 fabrics that are similar in color but not exact. I show them to Hubby who says "they are exactly alike, what is the difference?" He can't tell, or doesn't notice the subtle differences that I pick up on. It could be the level of interest we each have, or the level of pickiness, who knows. My nearest quilt store is 40 miles away, the next 2 are 50 miles, so I don't get to shop in person very often. Even the closest Hobby Lobby is 50 miles and JoAnn's is 90.

Any tricks to picking out fabric when looking at a computer monitor for the right fabric?