Hi there,

Just wanted to share how I preshrunk / preshrank (?) my cotton batting.

(I'm new to this forum so if it belongs in a different area or existing thread please move it - thanks, and sorry for any inconvenience, I'm a moderator on a forum so I know what it's like).

After searching online I read that someone put their batting in the bath tub and it took a lot of work to squish the water out of it. After that she had trouble handling it to get it hung out to dry. I had previously decided that I was going to put mine in the washing machine so I could spin it.

My solution: I put my queen size batting inside a doona / quilt cover. It fitted okay in my medium sized washing machine. I filled the machine and poked at it with a dowel to ensure it was all wet and left it to soak for a while. I skipped the washing / agitation part and then did the eco rinse and spin. Fast spin was okay.

When I first hung it out on the clothes line over 2 lines there was a bit of bunching so after it dried a tiny bit I decided to take the doona cover off. Without taking it off the clothes line I was able to ease the cover off one half and then over the line and off the other half. I then put the batting on the outer line so that I was able to spread it out and not crinkled along the "fold".

It didn't go completely to plan and I did have a small "accident". The corner of one piece did drag on the ground a bit and I had mowed yesterday and I don't use a catcher, so I did have to pick off some dried grass. I did it straight away so I knew it was done.

So I hope that helps somebody.