Dear Everyone,

It's been a long, long time since I have been well enough to get online for pretty much anything, but after a lot of therapy I am pretty much back to normal ( I think....but maybe my doctor(s) would have a different opinion) Although I don't want to get into the gory details, I have had a pretty rough year.

First, to all of you who sent cards to me, I want to thank you so much.....My DH John had forgotten about the box of cards he had saved that were sent to me via the mail from so many of you that were so sweet, kind and caring. Again, thanks so much!!

I hope to be able to get back to sewing soon...I have missed sewing and quilting so much. The therapist has advised me to take things easy and while I promised I would, as I was looking at MSQC's tutorials I haven't seen in months and months.....maybe there's some of you out there that have at one time or another been away from sewing for a while and might like to share what you tried to make/sew after such a long hiatus away from something you loved doing(?) My sisters have suggested something easy and small to begin with. My oldest sister has suggested that we start sewing together for awhile (basically she is letting me know she is doing what comes naturally for a first-born child...hoovering over her sisters and being watchful and loving!!

Anyway...I am so excited to be commenting and letting those of you who I have enjoyed interacting with here within the MSQC that I can't wait to start doing some of the things I have always done for the last 40 yrs that first is sewing which I learned to do when my DD was born.

Again, thanks to those of you who were so kind to think of me.....Blessings to all of you!