My dd lives about 30 miles from Rockford, IL. Today she got a text msg from her daughter's school that the school was on lockdown for an active shooter situation, parents to be updated as soon as more info was available. For 30 terrifying minutes the parents did not know if the shooter was inside the school. My GD is only 6 and I could only imagine how scared those kids must have been. My dd is 3 months pregnant and she was practically hysterical. I live 2 hours away so nothing I could do from here. It turned out that the active shooter was never inside the school, but the result of police serving a warrant on a man in the next town. The man shot the U.S. Marshal serving the warrant then hopped in his car leading the police on a high speed chase going over 100 mph and going thru the town where the school is. They eventually arrested him but the Marshal died. The school was on lockdown for only about an hour. My dd said the children did not know, they were just told they coukd not go out for recess and had to stay inside their classrooms. I am not criticizing the school, I am glad they took these extra precautions. But it was so scary for the parents (and this Grandma) to be fearing the worst that there was a shooter inside the school. Isnt it crazy that we have to worry about stuff like this.