I am very new to EPP and so far I have made this my "method":

Bought a (clearance) XL hexagon paper punch and some sale cardstock
Turn unwanted junk mail with a cardstock feel into more hexis
Use a washable glue stick ($1 or less elmers) to stick the paper to the fabric - just a quick swirl in the center
To baste, use up all the mis-matched bobbins from old sewing machines or that you no longer use
Use light or bright colored thread on dark prints, use dark thread on light prints to make it easy to see them later
Knot at the beginning before piercing the first stitch, but don't knot at the end - just leave a tail around an inch
Poke right through the fabric and paper - it holds really well
Always leave the knotted starting stitch on the back side where you see the paper
Use as few stitches as possible - I'm usually one stitch on the flat side and one in each corner
Find a way to store them once basted, otherwise they get evvvverywhere
Use a wonder clip or paper clip to hold two hexies together when combining them
Use a neutral (grey, beige) thread to sew them together unless both are dark/light/bright and then match to those colors
Don't be afraid to fold them in all directions when you get to basting one onto many - just concentrate on aligning the two you're joining
Press them before you remove the paper
Pull at the big basting stitches with a seam ripper, stiletto, or similar pointy tool to remove them
As you get to one or two stitches from the start, just pull the knot out - it's nice to have all the knots on the back so you don't have to flip it over
Don't remove paper from the edges unless you're finished