Good afternoon!
I had quite an adventure last night. Once in a while the sleeping pill I take backfires and gives me what feels like restless leg syndrome but all over my body. This happened last night. I tried stretching, and tea. I got up and cut fabric for a while. I decided to experiment about 2 hours into the episode so took another sleeping pill hoping it would overpower the first effect and knock me out. Well guessed it. The effect was additive rather than counter active. About 2 hours after that, I took Benadryl out of desperation. Sadly it just made me drowsy and restless which made it hard to get up and do things in between my attempts to sleep. My last time check was about 4, I finally fell asleep after that. Whew!

Weather is beautiful here today, the birds are singing away. I have a pair building a nest in the tree right outside my bedroom window. I love listening to their chirps as they work.