Greetings - Friend is making first quilt top that will be for her grand-daughter. She will be doing the quilting herself by machine.

She wants the quilt to have a very puffy/comforter look, so she's decided on 1" or higher batting. She wants my help in how to quilt this thick batting and I'm finding literally nothing. This tells me that this thick of batting is not used for some obvious reason. This only things I can think of are: 1.) the loft will be too high for the needle lift of a home machine to clear 2.) It will be near impossible to achieve the typical maximum quilting space of 6-7 inches 3.) The thickness will sooner, rather than later, start to rip apart the 1/4" seams of the top piecing.

What say you, please?? Are there such reasons, as I listed above, for not using such a thick batting - other than the obvious "quilts are not comforters"?

I've done only 7 quilts so, understandably, she seems to disregard my suggestions based on experience. This is fine - at least she's quilting! :-)