The FMQ design I decide on depends a lot on the quilt itself -- who it's for -- how it will be used, etc. Since the majority of my quilts are for babies & kids, I tend to do all over, edge-to-edge designs, which flow easily. Once you "get in the groove", it goes fairly quickly. One of my favorites is Angela Walters' hook swirl. I have custom quilted several quilts as well. Feel free to browse my albums for ideas. I've been FMQ for 6.5 yrs., first on my DSM, now on my Baby Lock Tiara table model LA. I have most of Angela Walters' FMQ books, have taken her classes on Craftsy, as well as the free ones she's done of recent months. I read numerous blogs for ideas. One is Kathy's blog, Tamarack Shack; she's a LA quilter in Canada. There's some great "eye candy" on her blog. Also, Tracey Russell (APQS Ontario) has hundreds of short videos on YT of FMQ ideas. It's called whirlsandswirls. I also took Amy Johnson's 2 Craftsy classes on quilting with rulers. There are zillions of ideas out there. It helps to practice on a white board. I always make a sample sandwich of 1 or 2 blocks w/border of each quilt I make on which to test out the thread color & practice. I do not use stencils or pantographs, but do everything free style. If needed, I might make a few tick marks with a Frixion pen for reference points.