Good morning/afternoon.

Sounds like many of you are knee deep in snow storms. Here in Oregon we still just have the cold rain, I wish we would get some snow! I live on the valley floor so we get all excited around here to get snow. The kids get the day off and everyone builds snowmen and dig out their sleds, that’s if we get 2 in. You should see us go if we get 5.

I finished my bom blocks yesterday and started on my secret Santa gift for January, I’m getting to use my embroidery unit which I haven’t done for a while so it’s been fun. If I buckle down, I should be able to have it done today. I’d also like to work on my accuquilt blocks some more today.

I had my first slip on my intermittent fasting this morning. I broke down and ate some Doritos. It’s amazing how much hungrier I feel because of it. So far on the diet the hungry feelings have been pretty mild but right now my stomach is doing summersaults and complaining loudly. Lol. 15 more minutes to go before my eating window starts.

Hope everyone has a warm safe day!