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    Default Re: Would you do this to your cat?

    I'm not a cat person now, but I had a wonderful pet when I was in school. He was a long haired tiger cat. He even let me dress him up in my doll clothes one time, although he was not a happy camper. I wouldn't dream of shaving a cut with such an extreme cut. Oh my goodness, what was she thinking?! Poor kitty. I feel sad for her.

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    Default Re: Would you do this to your cat?

    no I would not do this to my cats, why?
    they look in a mirror each day to admire themselves, grooming is a way they feel good about themselves. it knocks routine. cats are big on routine.

    both have had blood tests to test for feline blood thing they can get, vets shaved a 2" square near vein on neck, one looked in mirror poor lad was upset. we dealt with both ends, till he felt happy again, always supported his actions. explaining when it was wrong carefully in right tone. they really are like kids at times,

    in fact other day he wanted a treat of chicken, we put some on to cook in steamer for our meal but the time it took to cook made him get upset, he past on his displeasure, so I showed him it was cooking he then went into oh no what have I done mode and sulked, anyway we supported him and he got his bit of chicken. after explaining he needed to be patient.
    he has trained us well
    for a cat he is intelligent and often finds me when forgotten to shut fire door or something foodie about to burn. he been staring at him self's head since Monday, makes you wonder if knows is concussed.

    if for medical reasons cutting hair has to be done at least leave some hair on cat ,number 7 or 8 cut,
    not down t'wood,
    they do get cold and it will take 6 months to grow to normal length never mind long.
    cats are sensitive souls,

    tell the cats butler to hide the mirrors otherwise will be supporting both ends till all fur grows back , if cat doesn't like it!!!

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