So, its official. After 32 years of having Sammy Jo...aka Samatha Josephine or Samuel Joseph as our adoptive Mc Caw family member...we now know that she is a girl. At Christmas, we gave her a big box that a mattress topper arrived in and she has been nesting for nearly a month in it tearing up Christmas wrapping and cardboard. We have taped it and replaced cardboard sides and she continued to chew and she dropped an egg....this is not a good thing. We were letting her play because she was being quiet and we were enjoying not having to take care and entertain her...but it turns out...she laid the egg and I looked it up...without a mate, this is dangerous and she could develop all kind of bad things from osteosporosis to egg binding. I removed the nesting box tonight and took it away and the poor thing has searched everywhere for it. I hope by tomorrow she forgets and we just go back to being normal birdbrain parents.