We just found out yesterday that our senior citizen furbaby, Maggie, has bladder cancer. There's a pill our vet can give her to help reduce it but won't get rid of it. We've been given 6 months to a year. I've already cried buckets & know there's more to come. She's been my little shadow since I brought her home from an estate sale 4 years ago. She lays in my lap whenever I sit in my recliner, lays by my side on her blankie next to my office chair, on a blankie in my sewing room. I know she's just a dog to folks that don't like dogs or cats. To me, she's my baby even though she's 13 years old. Going forward, I don't know what kind of side effects the meds will have. Jerry & I are in agreement that we won't let her suffer in any kind of pain. She has our neverending love and support.

I know there's more human illness/loss happening to our forum friends & I pray their pain is eased or stopped. Right now, my heart is in pieces.

Please pray for us to know when we need to take my Maggie to the entrance of the Rainbow Bridge.