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Thread: Friday at last

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    Default Friday at last

    Good morning friends. It is going to be bitterly cold for the next few days. I don't need to go out although I will need to water Bonnie's plants in the coming days.

    I did make into town yesterday to do my running around. Made it back by lunchtime. I did make it into my sewing room and I could potentially sew now. Still some work to do but getting there.

    I heard yesterday that a dear friend is battling for her life. I don't know a lot of the medical details except that she has blood clots in her lungs. The night before she went into cardiac arrest. They were able to 'bring her back'. Prognosis isn't great. I would appreciate if you could say a prayer to two for her. She is the one who opens up her home and holds retreats there. An awesome lady. She also holds a sew day every Wednesday in her home. My heart is heavy this morning.

    We may hear today that our tickets are ready for pick up. My Greg lives near the airport but we can not leave our van at his place. They already have two vehicles and we can not leave our van on the street. Rachel has offered up a parking spot at her condo. She is also fairly close to the airport. Park and Ride is expensive. So I think we shall do that.

    So today I guess I shall continue with the 'organizing' of the sewing room and try to stay warm.

    Have yourselves a great day everyone. AND a great weekend too. Happy sewing.
    Blessed are the children of the piecemakers for they shall inherit the quilts!

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    Default Re: Friday at last

    Good morning all.

    Oh Monique, so sorry to hear of your friend. I'll add her to my prayers.

    So thankful you're working out all the details for your trip. You're leaving at the perfect time......when it's sooooo cold out! Happy .....oh so happy for you. You sure deserve such a wonderful vacation!

    Much progress of the stash. Alas, pcbatiks.....I never took a before (duh, what was I thinking?) pic. The area I keep all my fabric, in the basement, has very poor lighting. When I look/choose fabric, I carry it over to another area that has great lighting. Just what I have to work with. Small house, not so much room. And Gina....a road trip? Is it warm where you are? I'm ready for warm! I'm a strange bird. I do not like to clean house (but I like my house clean)......but, I do love to organize! Ask my DH.....I drive him nuts!

    I have all the fabric organized. Now onto the dresser. An old one, but works. I keep all the odds and ends in there. Opened drawer #1. Oh my, lots to toss and it's now almost empty. Happy Dance. More to follow, but I'm a happy camper.

    Hope this Friday finds everyone doing well. Love, hugs and prayers for so many.

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    Default Re: Friday at last

    Good morning. 26 here this morning, but no wind. After I work out, I plan on tackling the laundry. The border fabric I ordered arrived yesterday. I should be able to finish that quilt this weekend.
    Sorry to hear about your friend , Monique. Hope she pulls through.
    Anita — I need to improve my organization skills. I could be classified as a stuffer.

    Stay warm and have a good day.

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    Default Re: Friday at last

    Good Morning all,

    Everyone's so busy and it looks like I haven't done anything. lol, I haven't much. My shoe box with hexi flowers is fuller though. I found another layer cake I'd bought to make hexies with to add to this quilt. What was I thinking when I started this!

    Normally, I don't have kids on Fridays or the weekend, but Nana and Nandy are headed out to CA today. They'll be back Monday night. So Jim is meeting with the pastor this afternoon, I'll have the kids. Tomorrow, Jim has to grade papers... here, I'll have the kids. It doesn't look like I'll be doing anything in my sewing room until next week. I'll have J on Monday and Tuesday next week and Nana's going to take Wed. and Thurs. afternoon. Yesterday was like pulling teeth with J. He was a pokey puppy when it came time to do his math. He brought up snack time. I poured too many animal crackers into a bowl, sat down and started eating 'his' snack. I enjoyed a couple. He looked and asked what I was doing. I told him flat out, eating your snack until you're finished with your math. What ever is left you can have. Boy, he had that math done before I could eat 3 more of those animal crackers. Sneaky Grandma wins again.

    The newest baby at church has a lot of tiny holes in her heart. The prayer chain was activated last night, but it must have been late because I didn't see it before I went to bed. The pediatrician thinks it will rectify itself as the baby gains weight and grows but the first time parents are pretty panicked right now.

    Monique, Lifting prayers for your friend and I hope you have a wonderful trip!

    Barb, I hope you're feeling better!

    Joy, you amaze me!

    Anita, your Smiles and trivia always bring a smile to me. Mom was a stacker, she'd have stacks all over the place. That was her organization. Unfortunately, when she was hunting something she couldn't remember which stack it was in. Me, I try to not stack, but from the looks of the bar, I do, to a point. Then it drives me nuts and I clean it all off and forget where I put thing.

    Beth, I need you here to motivate me to work out. I keep saying I'm going to start. Then I see something to work on and I don't.

    Prayers for those in need, for healing touches. Prayers of thanksgiving for all of our many blessings.

    “Nothing can dim the light which shines from within.”
    ― Maya Angelou

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    Default Re: Friday at last

    Good Morning, Everyone ~ It's raining this a.m. & expected to switch to snow later on. I might run the vacuum, but my plan is to do as much sewing as possible. I don't have any cooking that needs to be done or errands to run, so it's a good day to stay home.

    Monique ~ Blood clots in the lungs are called PEs (pulmonary embolism); they can be life threatening. It's what my bro. died from in 2009. Sorry to learn about your friend. Will add her to my prayers.

    Yest. eve. I ordered more used books from thriftbooks.com -- I like to read a book series in order. I like to have all books on hand when I start the series. Most of the books were Christian Amish fiction books.

    Well, DH is waiting for me to fix his breakfast. I'll have to watch Jenny's tutorial later. I never even got last Friday's tut. watched!

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    Default Re: Friday at last

    Turning very cold here in Jersey, around 20 if the new outdoor thermometer is working OK. Glad we can stay indoors today as car trouble made us cancel this morning's doctor appointments. Hopefully I can use today to finish packing away our Christmas items. When all is done I can sew again!!!

    Relocating Christmas stuff from the garage overhang to the backyard shed which location should be much handier for us and DH doesn't have to use the tall ladder to reach them. That should work out fine next Christmas, that is unless we get a big snow storm and access to the shed is blocked.

    Saying prayers for all our quilting pals, their family and friends as so many are in need.

    Have a Great Trip Monique.
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    Default Re: Friday at last

    Good morning everyone,

    We are in a deep freeze phase for at least a week. It's currently -20c and another 5-10 degrees colder with the wind. Brrr. It's good that it's sunny. Go figure, this is the weekend that my GF chose to go away for girls' weekend. We will be shopping in a beautiful historic village. Only problem is we will have to run from one store to the other. Maybe we will have to park ourselves in a coffee shop or wine bar to keep warm. It's her 65th birthday on Sunday. When she turned 60, I hosted a Tea and MarTini party, about 20 ladies. I'm not doing that again. A get away is what she chose over a spa day.

    Yesterday I visited mom in her new room, and I am not happy with the care she is getting there. When Elaine (the caregiver I hired for #hrs/mth got there, mom was sitting in her wheelchair, facing the wall, with no access to the bell, phone. She was still in hospital gown, and she said they had not changed her since day before. I contacted head nurse, and I plan on going this morning. Her scar which was healed on Monday is now all red and doctor had to prescribe her antibiotics. Provincial health officials had all nursing homes remove one side rail from the beds last year. Only problem is that mom's rail is facing the wall so she could roll out of bed. Idiots. I'm fuming, but will have to calm down, or I will tear a strip off the staff. They also did not implement changes that the doctor requested on Monday. On the positive side, I made mom a caddy for her phone and TV remote if she is in bed, so she doesn't roll out and break the other hip. Good grief.

    Click image for larger version. 

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    After I visited mom, I went to my DD. She was home sick, so I brought her leftover chicken and dumplings, and picked up chinese food. I also brought her a suitcase for their family trip in February. We had a nice visit, and I know she is sick because she is exhausted and picks up what the kids get.

    I'm so sorry to hear about your friend Monique. Winter does seem be challenging health-wise for many.

    Anita - we could hire ourselves out to organize stashes, going from place to place. I rarely have to re-do mine, as I follow my system for colours, sizes, pre-cuts. It's the scraps / leftovers that get out of control at times. I have cut some up for scrappy quilts, but I hate to cut up good size scraps when I don't have a plan. So far, they are still manageable.

    The cats' appointment went well yesterday. We have to increase PJ's med for a few weeks until his skin sores clear. Also we have to add an oil to their food, to reduce dryness of their skin. We will have to remove food bowls as Sox has gained too much weight, and he could be at risk of diabetes, just like people. PJ gained weight but he is tall and lean and very active, unlike his brother.

    Today, I plan to go to my mom and get ready for the weekend. Pack. Birthday card & make pair of pillowcases. Get gas and cash. Relax. Get to bed early.

    Enjoy your day, whatever you are planning. Stay safe. Stay warm. Stay dry.

    Enjoy life and do what makes you happy. Everything else will follow.

    Every day I try to do one thing that challenges my comfort zone.

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    Default Re: Friday at last

    Organizing...you all are so great. I fold mine up every now and then. It is still in color catagories and I can still find what I'm looking for but it won't be long and it will need doing again.
    Went for the hair cut yesterday. you can see it in my new avatar then on to the hospital. First time I made the trip on my own and I had trouble finding the parking for visitors. I found a lot but it was full and I asked how to get to the underground one from some people walking and they said, just follow us, we're leaving, so I got a real good spot. Visited MIL and she is having her heart shocked to see if it can get back in rhythm today. Her friend is with her this morning so I told her I would see her Saturday.
    It is freezing cold here. The woodstove isn't keeping pace with the outside temps. Sun is out so maybe it will warm up the front two rooms a little.
    Sammy (the McCaw) bit DH last night while I was in the bathtub. He said its the worse bite he's had from her. She is in season (like heat for a dog) and is trying to nest. She gets a little testy and you need to talk to her before you try to reach for her. DH forgot and just reached in to get her and she nailed him.
    I need to get some coffee and then some warmer clothes and get myself motivated.

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    Default Re: Friday at last

    Good Morning !

    Monique - So sorry to hear about your friend, adding her also to my prayers.
    Suzanne - I love the idea of the caddy. It would have been perfect for my mom. I like the pockets , remote, phone and maybe glasses.

    I stayed up way to late last night cleaning the den. Oh the dog hair! When they had put down the new floor they must have stained the molding inside. Thank goodness, I had some extra paint there were tiny spatters of brown stain on the white walls. Today they deliver the couch and chair and the room will be finished.

    Jeff finishes out his first week of radio today. He has had some interesting guest. I have found this is a good time to sew and just listen to him.

    Stay warm!

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    Default Re: Friday at last

    Hi Everyone...We are leaving in a few minutes for my doctor appointment. The weather is awful. This is the follow-up appointment from being in the hospital and hopefully to find out some results of tests.

    Suzanne, so sorry your mother is getting inferior care. I'm sure you will have a meeting about this. Imagine the type of care she would get if you weren't around to watch her.

    Monique, you and Les deserve a fabulous vacation. Some sunshine and beach time sound great!

    Terry, you haircut looks cute. Makes you look younger.
    Love You, Miss May

    I'm off to find some snow clothes. Hugs, Barb

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