I started sewing the Two Step quilt Jenny had posted. When I sew the jelly rolls together, they are 4 3/4” of course. My seams are accurate and the jelly rolls measure 2 1/2” each which equals 4 3/4” . Yet they are supposed to go with a square that is 5” square. They will fit when flipped, but it skews everything when the blocks are sewn together as the 1/4” difference puts everything out of alignment. If I make the squares 4 3/4” to match the jelly rolls, the quilt will be a totally different size. So I am wondering why the squares would be 5” to begin with? How did she get them to align in straight lines? I have tried everything and based on the math, it doesn’t work.
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Am trying to attach the photo but it just ends up as a bunch of words so may need help doing that.
Thanks for any advice