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    Default Re: Shipping Options and Merry Christmas!

    This is my hobby. I don't mind waiting for an order and have always been pleased with them when they arrive. It is amusing sometimes to see where my packages 'go' to get to me.
    I spend part of the year in rural Maine and many of the quilters I know certainly buy from Missouri Quilt and follow the tutorials. It was the same when I lived in NH.

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    Default Re: Shipping Options and Merry Christmas!

    Quote Originally Posted by auntiemern View Post
    I completely agree that their customer service has suffered considerably as they have grown. They have lost the 'personal' feel that it once had. Since Al, Sarah, and Dave stepped down from the every day running of the company the personality of the business has changed. It was never as apparent as it was at this last years 10th Birthday Bash. To many of us that have been to the past 5 or 6 it was 'underwhelming' to say the least. You would have thought that it would have been more about customer appreciation...but it was no where near that. It was all about the sell. From the vendors, to the 2 "Dinners with the Doans". You were hard pressed to see any family members, if you didn't pay to see Jenny. Al was out of town, and I did not see Sarah at all. I did run into Dave and Elisabeth on the patio once. I love the family, and consider many of them personal friends...but I sure do miss the small business feel that it used to have....before they outgrew the loyalty of their customers. If you look at Jenny when she is doing the tutorials, she doesn't have the same sparkle she used to have. As far as her stepping down, or them replacing her...that will be huge in terms of their business. I did wonder for a while if they were prepping Misty for that job with her Tuesday tutorials. I will continue to patronize them, and go to the fall forum retreat....but not sure I will do another Birthday Bash.
    Marilyn, you and I are definitely on the same page with this. We have both been around here for a long time (relatively speaking) and have seen the changes. We both remember "back in the day" when things were different. I am sad to hear about how the Birthday Bash went as I had hoped to get to one after I retire next year, but not surprised. I have talked to three different people that have visited M* more than once and they are not as enthusiastic about it as they once were. I have noticed that Jenni's enthusiasm (Sparkle) is not what it used to be. It could be that she is just getting tired. I understand that. I am four days older than Jenni and looking forward to retirement, and she may be as well. (Not saying she is just speculating.) Or maybe just not working as much as she used to.

    The one thing that does stick out in my mind regarding the family, especially Jenny, not being very visible at the Birthday Bash is something she said when I went to her trunk show here a couple of years ago. She said that Al told her she had to quit traveling so much because "when people go to Disney World they EXPECT to see Mickey Mouse". Following that thinking (which I agree with), I would think they would have been more visible at the Bash.

    I love the family and what Jenny has done for Quilting as a whole, and still support them, just not as much as I used to. I wish the powers that be at M* would not be so stubborn about this whole shipping thing. The vast majority of ebay sellers use the mail for a reason - cost and expediency! FedEx and UPS are slower and cost more.

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    Default Re: Shipping Options and Merry Christmas!

    Quote Originally Posted by shermur View Post
    Update on the two orders...the order from FQS? Arrived 12/29/18, 2 days faster than anticipated. The M* order now states a delivery date of 01/05/19 rather than 01/08/19. Instead of 13 days, it is now 10 days to get to Vermont from Missouri. In many patron's opinions (including my own), that is still too long to ship via Fedex Smartpost. Especially, when it was proven I could get an order from Texas to Vermont in under 5 days?
    Update again....looking at the tracking this morning to see if I will get my delivery tomorrow? NOPE! It has changed again back to 01/08/19 for delivery. Unbelievable.

    Scheduled delivery: Tuesday 1/08/2019 by end of day
    Departed FedEx location


    Travel History
    Shipment Facts

    Thursday , 1/03/20197:50 pm
    Departed FedEx location 7:24 pm
    Shipment information sent to U.S. Postal Service
    Arrived at FedEx location
    Sunday , 12/30/201811:27 pmFEDEX SMARTPOST GROVEPORT, OH
    Departed FedEx location
    Arrived at FedEx location
    Saturday , 12/29/20186:56 pm
    In transit
    Departed FedEx location
    Thursday , 12/27/201811:36 pmFEDEX SMARTPOST OLATHE, KS
    Arrived at FedEx location 1:41 pm
    Shipment information sent to FedEx

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