My original order was placed 11/13 and was quickly processed and shipped FedEx Smart Post. I received it 11/20 with one item missing. I informed MSQC 11/21 of the missing item. They responded 11/23 and assured me the item would be sent out right away. I checked the tracking a couple of days later and saw that they shipped it to the wrong address. I called again on 11/27 and asked for another replacement and because they had made the same mistake TWICE, could they please send it priority. I was assured that it would be "expedited" . Well, it's 12/3 and a label has been made and it is waiting to be picked up by FedEx. You guessed it...Smart Post. It's been 6 days since I informed them of their SECOND error on this one item and I won 't receive it for another week. Two weeks...I guess that's what MSQC considers "expedited" . This is ridiculous. Other shops are able to ship out next day, or even same day, and the send it USP Priority. I've placed 100s of orders from MSQC over the years but I think I'm done. Fat Quarter Shop's fabric is $0.15 more a yard but it is all folded the same size and wrapped in plastic, not shoved in a baggie. And it is shipped out next day, Priority mail for $5!