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Thread: Golden Star

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    Default Golden Star

    Does anyone know why M* isn't having the Golden Star project this year? Surely it has made a lot of money for M* in the past.

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    Maybe with their 10 year anniversary celebration, it would have been too much to have going on at once. I'm sure there are still plenty of fun specials planned for this holiday season.

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    I remember they had to extend the promotion into November last year, so they could give out all the tickets. I don't think it was as well received as in the past. There were a lot of complaints about the quality of the scratch-off tickets, most of them were $1, you could use only so many per order...I'm not even sure all the golden stars were found.

    Maybe they decided to give it a pass? Or, as was already said...maybe they just didn't have time with the 10th anniversary celebration in September and the fall festival they had last week.

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