Whew! Zeke and Esther have been transported to Nana and Nandy's for the rest of the afternoon. All of the left over 1/2 square triangles are squared up and pressed. Tomorrow, J and I may look at patterns to try out.

Yesterday, was family dinner. Tonight is left overs. I'm going to take the ham and make Grandma's Scalloped Potatoes and Ham for Mike and me. We had butternut squash, I thought making a large squash there would be some left overs. There's less than 1 serving left over. The broccoli, that I thought would be enough, wasn't.. seems like all the sudden all three kids love broccoli. So I'm going to have some adjusting to do to may amounts to cook. lol, watch next week, they won't eat anything and I'll have too many left overs.

I have to go to the bank today. My life insurance check arrived. It came to term and they sent the check. I'd called to see if they would roll it over into a different policy, but apparently they couldn't . So into the savings account it goes. A trip to the grocery store for potatoes and an onion. I don't use a lot of either of those, so I just buy them when I need them.

I hope everyone in Florence's path is safe and secure. Many of the roads in eastern NC are going to have to be repaved. That's not going to be fun, waiting on the infrastructure to be repaired.

Prayers for those in need, prayers of thanksgiving for all of our many blessings.