Just in the past couple days I thought that I should let everyone know how MM has been doing since I have not given any updates lately.

Well, he has been doing fantastic! That is until he came home early from work Wednesday because he did not feel good. He swears he thought he was coming down with a cold, and with his compromised immune system, that is what it appeared to be. We were watching his temperature closely and it was normal.

Fast forward to 0230 this morning when he woke me up to take him to urgent care with a 103.6 temperature!! In the back of my head, I knew Wednesday what was wrong with him, but he kept telling me otherwise. Yes, he has another kidney infection. The doctor we saw last night is the one who saw him the night they found his massive infection last year and remembered us.

The good thing about going to urgent care in the middle of the night is you get taken right back!! We were back home and in bed in 2.5 hours. It's also nice having friends back east you can text to at that time because they are already up!