I keep waiting for this thread but I guess I'm the first one up and around.
I'm watching Florence hit our coast. Big rain..but I think everyone is let down that its a category 1. My DD in Clemmons, NC (quite a ways inland) was upset yesterday because they closed her childrens School Thursday and Friday and let me tell you, yesterday was the most gorgeous day you can imagine. Carolina blue skys, no clouds, perfect fall day. They made the decision on Tuesday to close the schools. Oh, gov't...what can I say.
MIL and I went to lunch. Tried a place we had both liked years ago. They remodeled and changed the menu and in our opinion, not for the better. But we didn't leave hungry. Then off to the makeup counter at the mall. MIL thought the new foundation made me look somewhat better. I really can't say, all I know is it was a lot of money. And, of course, it won't work if I forget to use it. lol.