Good afternoon everyone, i'm late again. Change of plans for today when DD calls at 8:30 this morning asking if I am coming to watch baby. Supposedly she sent message yesterday, but I never got it. No way to make it here thatbqui c k, so she took her to daycare and I picked her up about an hour later. Poor little thing has been having runny nose and congestion since Saturday. I finally called the dr. to see if I can give her anything since she is only 1. Waiting on return call. I was on a roll yesterday quilting a time shirt quilt when I realized the back king was short by about 4 inches. Ugghh. Of course, it is pieced and has like a 9 inch repeat. Ordered more backing online, so now I am waiting for it to arrive again. So, I think I will move on to starching background fabric for my retreat project. Can't believe it is less than 2 weeks away.
Hope all can stay safe from all these hurricanes and such.