Ok, I'm confused.

I got a Craftsy email and they were offering a class I found interesting. It's $40 and I'm not interested at that price.
Then at the bottom of the email they have this:

"Join Bluprint to get Ultimate Free-Motion Feathers and thousands of other classes for only $14.99/month, or purchase this class for $14.99 — that's 63% off (just add the class to your cart to apply the discount)!"

I don't get what Bluprint is. I looked around the site but it doesn't really give details that I can see other then they give courses. Price? How long you keep them and how often you can watch them once you join? Is it permanent like when you use to purchase the courses for on line? Are you getting any of the courses monthly and pay a monthly fee, for how long? In the end are they yours like a regular purchase.

And other then that does that note above mean I get the course for $14.99 as a purchase that I keep in my online file at Craftsy?

The course I was looking at was: Ultimate Free-Motion Feathers. I don't often purchase classes but do have a few, like maybe 4 I've purchased over the years. Then they made changes and I don't know if it's just me, but I find their explanations of their "new" services vague .