Good morning! I'm in the market for another machine and have been looking at the Janomes in the $1000-$3000 range. I don't need one with embroidery option as I have a fabulous embroidery machine already. The 8900 really caught my attention until I started reading reviews of it. It seemed to be split between love/hate of the machine. LOL!

There isn't a dealer anywhere near me to test the machines so I'll be ordering online. I currently have the Juki 2000qvp, which is a workhorse. I LOVE my Juju. But, and maybe she has just adapted to my thicker fabrics for bag making, she is not the best at quilting or sewing finer fabrics. I haven't made a quilt in a couple of years and I'm itching to use all these MSQC precuts I have. And I want to do some clothing refashioning.

Please tell me which Janome machines you have and would recommend. I've looked at the 6500, 6700, 7700, 8200, and 8900. These are all in my price range. I don't need 500 stitch designs but I do need great fmq, even feed, consistent stitches, not thread finicky, large harp, computerized. I had the Juki 2010q and it was great.....for the first couple of months. Then things started breaking and stitch quality became erratic.

Thanks for your comments and assistance!