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    Default Re: A Snowy Tuesday morning

    We got a little snow yesterday & today the sun is shining. Puppy wanted to eat the snow this morning when I took him out & "hurry up" went in one little ear & out the other. It's supposed to be in the 60s this weekend & I hope it stays that way. I am so ready for some warmer weather.

    I am going to open all the curtains today to let the sunshine in. Then I'm going to You Tube & put on some "get down" music. That will definitely lead to getting some cleaning & rearranging done in the quilt cave. I have found I like a lot of the music the kids are listening to today. Sometimes the language & scantily clad ladies are a little much but the videos are fun.

    Well, I'm burning daylight so off I go.

    Prayers for all who need them.

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    Default Re: A Snowy Tuesday morning

    Envying Monique and Anita getting some happy grand-kid's time. My youngest grand is 17 and over 6 feet talk so his grandma story and lap time is no longer possible. thank goodness, LOL!

    Snow came and went which is OK with me as I wanted run some errands this after noon. So tired of the cold and snow, I have a snowman on the shirt I'm wearing and that's enough snow for me for the rest of the winter.

    We celebrated DH's BDay on Saturday with DS#2, DIL & Granddaughter Catherine with lunch at Perkin's. The BDay boy, DH, got a complementary Magnificent 7 meal, 3 pancakes, 2 eggs and 2 strips of bacon which he quickly devoured. Sunday's plan was to go to dinner with DS#1 and his girlfriend. Just as we were leaving the GF got a call from a friend who was waiting for pickup at the airport, GF thought pickup was for the next day. Anyway GF took off to get her friend and they would catch up with us at the restaurant for coffee. By now we were very hungry and I was worried that the restaurant would have a long wait time to be seated but that worry was for nothing as it was closed! Long story short, DH, Son & I had dinner at the Chowda Pot and later GF & friend met up with us at our house and had a nice time.
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    Default Re: A Snowy Tuesday morning

    Good Morning
    Its a beautiful day little chilly but no rain or snow. The lady with the software for my machine called and woke me up. Lazy me I didn't get out of the bed to answer. It did wake up Sandy so I had to get up and take care of her. I also am worried about Sugar . I have her address and phone number ( if I can find it) but I feel like I might be invading her privacy so I haven't called her. Such a sweet lady and she was so nice to me when I lost my husband.

    My sewing room is in the worst mess and every time I start cleaning I find something that takes me away. I bought this neat tool its called GO! Sticky. Never needs refills and you just wash it off and reuse. It is on a pole kind of like a swiffer sweeper but it is sticky. I have only used it once and it works. It even picked up small pieces of rock. I primarily wanted it for dog hair and strings. The guy said it had a life time warranty or he would replace.
    Have a wonderful day!

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